What’s in it?

Industry Projects: Work on industry assignments |Involve academia resources including students and infrastructure | Apply expertise to practice | Bring industry insights to teaching & research.

Try Out ICT: Evaluate ICT tools used in teaching and research for free | Register for skill workshops and training – online, offline .

Industry Connect: Identify – Invite – Involve relevant industry experts to enrich teaching and learning

Trainer Opportunities: Get visibility to get invited as trainer to the industry

Purchase ICT: Special discounts on ICT tools and Services for Farak members

Content & MOOC Services: For Members and Academic institutions

Outsource to Academia: Outsource work assignments, tasks and project | Gain time and cost savings.

Nurture & hire fresh talent: Spot academia resources including students early | Nurture to hire job-ready resources working on projects.

Bridge the skill divide: Bring industry insights to academia by participating as industry experts, faculty and contributor.

Educator Trainers: Identify and invite educators as trainers .

Management Development Programs: Explore and register.

Trending ICT: Learning Tools and platforms specially for members.