Offerings is our first offering to the higher education sector. It is a comprehensive education platform aimed at the educators. It facilitates two most essential aspects – Industry Interface and Digital Literacy – of educators.

A public is open to all educators giving them opportunities to try out ICT tools, interact with industry professionals, apply for industry projects etc.

We also offer captive that is specific to your academia, like, Here, you also get to involve your existing students, alumni in the academic activities and use MOOC platform for online teaching learning besides all other features.


  • User Type: Teachers

  • Access from
  • Apply for industry projects
  • Opportunity as Trainer to industry
  • Try out ICT tools in research and teaching
  • Register to attend Workshops & Webinars
  • Open course on MOOC platform
  • Get content development support
  • Invite Alumni or Industry Members in online course
  • Attend Re-skilling Courses
  • Social Connect wall with Alumni and Students
  • From
  • Captive Farak like
  • User Type: Industry Members or Alumni (Alumni are Industry Members on captive

  • Access from
  • Outsource projects or assignments to academia
  • Find Teacher as Trainer
  • Participate in Academia in various roles
  • Mentor students
  • Participate in online class as Expert
  • Industry and Alumni Events
  • Try out ICT in research
  • Social Connect wall with other Alumni, Teachers and Students
  • limited
  • limited
  • (for Alumni)
  • User Type: Students

  • Access from
  • Enrol and attend online courses on MOOC platform
  • Access external MOOC and skill courses
  • Network with Alumni for placement support
  • Social Connect wall with Alumni, Teachers and Students
  • No access on
  • Charges
  • Free
  • Academy or Institution pays charges as low as Rs. 100 per user per year
    (Number of Users include only Teachers and Students, Alumni NOT counted in user number. Write to for details)

Content Creation

  • Educational Artefacts –Self-learning material, topic and chapter-wise presentations, games-based content or assessments etc. are some of the re-usable content forms we develop for educational customers.
  • Content Design – Our pool of SMEs are renowned educators with years of experience in their subject matter. We design entire curriculum and content for any course in an academia, following norms of standard learning theories.
  • Content Transformation – Our team of content developers use their programming skills as well as tools to create content in Flash or HTML5.
  • Augmented Reality

    It is a new initiative by Farak that is focusing on mobile app development for AR content as well as content creation for education.